Thursday, December 31, 2009

Curds and Whey

I noticed a dead spider and thought this would be a good time to take some tight close-ups.

It was a good plan until I noticed that the spider was moving its legs as I was setting up shots.

The spider’s natural arch is like a VW Beetle or a taut bow.

Forty-five minutes after I took these pictures, I went back to have another look, and the spider was nowhere to be found.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Does It?

(Picture from

Doesn’t include “doesn’t” in its dictionary? Doesn’t?

Do tell.

Washington Stops

Going through some old rolls of pictures (Mom’s pictures, that is), I found these of some happy tourists in 2002 at the other other Washington.

I recognize some of the grownups, but I have no idea who those cute little kids are. All my nieces and nephews are either much older or much younger.

In case there’s any confusion over where Washington really is, this monument should help locate it.