Friday, August 18, 2006

Gear Check

I should be rolling around Ventura in under 12 hours.

Made my final pre-century checks this morning, on an easy ±12-mile ride.

The past couple of times I've been out have raised questions about derailleur adjustment.

Nothing to demolish you like finding out on a stiff slope that you can't shift into the lowest gears.

This morning both front and rear derailleurs behaved smoothly.

Everything else seems fine too. As of a week or so ago, I finally got the fussy rear wheel aligned so it doesn't chafe against the brakes every time it goes around. The chain's been recently greased, and I've broken in a new set of gloves.

(I normally don't like riding with gloves; they feel like an affectation resulting from gear lust. But on longer rides I've taken lately, I've noticed handlebar chafing getting close to raising a blister, which would be more annoying than having my hands confined in gloves.)

I've always veered away from wee-hour awakenings; all the early bird ever got was a worm. But tomorrow I expect I'll be out the door at oh-dark-thirty so I can get to Ventura and start the ride as early as possible.

My brother is able to post to his blog from his cell phone.

Me, I'll have to wait till I get home.

If you're looking for entertaining reading between now and then, have a look at a recent Rand Corp. study on the town I call home these days.

Here's to cool, clear weather with tailwinds in every direction!

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Andrew Shields said...

I've been having problems shifting into low gears on slopes. I did not realize it was a problem that was common! Time to get the derailleur adjsted!