Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Bunch of Ms in the Sky

Down to the marshes again today, and I really had my rear end handed to me by my ride, though it was shorter than last week's. Not sure why. I'll blame it on fighting a cold.

No bald eagles this week. These birds are, um, very long-nosed eagles.

They are endemic to the area, influenced by cross-breeding with the mascot of the local seat of higher edumacation.

Betcha didn't know I was an ornithologist. This is a bird. See?

This guy was the closest I came to an eagle. I don't know the name of it. I've actually seen lots of (different kinds of?) hawks circling over the bluffs I keep climbing, but I'm usually panting too hard to want to stop and squeeze off a few shots.

I've seen a lot of fabulous things from the seat of a bicycle, from deer lunching in the forest to missiles launching from Vandenberg. Sometimes I take a picture. Sometimes I think to myself, "If they want to see it, let them do the legwork too."

As with most grail quests and grunion runs, the reward isn't always in what you set out to find but in what you find when you get there. I didn't see any eagles today, but I had a terrific time standing in the warm sun on the edge of the very still Back Bay, enjoying everything else I did see, and enjoying the peace and tranquillity. After mooning around there for a while, I saddled up and headed back to the pell-mell of Pacific Coast Highway, but the respite had been golden.

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Papa Bradstein said...

"I think to myself, 'If they want to see it, let them do the legwork too.'"


Then again, there are advantages to picture taking. As your mother noted, it is usually the case that there are far more photo ops on the way up than on the way down.