Monday, November 13, 2006

California Gold

History books will tell you that gold was discovered in California in 1848, and the California Gold Rush got up and running in 1849, with folks swarming in from all over the world to get rich quick in the diggings. Then, the textbooks tell us, most of the easy gold got panned and mined and collected, and California's economy had to evolve to one that wasn't based on gold.

That's fine on paper. But anyone who's spent any time in California can tell you that California's real gold was never buried or mined or refined or locked in a vault. It's still there, plain as day, for anyone with eyes to see.

The miners were right about one thing, though: There's gold in them there hills.

1 comment:

Andrew Shields said...

Isn't California Gold what they are growing on the other side of that hill?

Oh no, actually, it's where they planted you r lost hats. Check with the hat-check girl about how much they are able to sell the crop for?