Sunday, February 17, 2008

Roads, Rides, Rules

Right in front of this window dozens of world-class cyclists were warming up for an international road race. All the exercise equipment in this room sat idle.

(I’m actually in this one three times, if you count my shadow.)

Dude, some of us would like to just get across this street so we can get home and have some pizza. How soon are these bikers going to round up their little road rally?

Ivy League videographer. (Check out that great hat!)

Riding into the light.

And the desired outcome is . . . ?


elizabeth said...

The desired outcome is to make the bike go bang of course. Hey this one cropped could be your new banner. No one would know it's not you...oh wait he's wearing shoes. Scratch that.

Papa Bradstein said...

That's quite a snarky cousin you've got there, Mr. J. Not totally snarky, though, since she didn't mention the shaved legs or riding a bike 33 mph. Uphill.

CaliforniaGirl said...

Anyone who rides his bike sideways deserves to go bang.

Glad to see you found something to distract you from all those boxes.

elizabeth said...

I'm snarky now, eh? What happened to brilliant? In my defense, you cannot really discern that he riding uphill or even that he has shaved legs due to the blur and lighting of the photo. AND somehow i remember Mr. J being proud of the fact that he cycles in sandals. Or at least he used to. Maybe he's moved up in the world. (Or would it be down?)

Papa Bradstein said...

Brilliantly snarky. And I typed that without an ounce of snark in my voice.

Kangamoo said...

I believe your parents saw a sign just like that which read; on this spot...

I thought it was warning the cars not to turn or they may blow up.

Your brother has a nice hat.

I really want to be in PA again. Maybe next weekend.