Friday, April 11, 2008

. . . And Another Day

On the 9th, I had two big buds on one of my orchids, waiting for their moment.

These orchids are new to me, and I haven’t ever watched them bloom, so this was exciting for me.

On the 10th, one of the buds had popped.

By the time I came home the next night, a second voice had joined the chorus of colors.

Shooting flowers is always tricky, because their intense colors tend to overwhelm film or digital sensors. Particularly in bright sunlight (where the flowers are at their prettiest), it’s easy to overexpose the bright spots and lose the delicate shading that gives the blooms their beauty.

With the orchids—and maybe because I was shooting indoors, not in direct sunlight—my camera did a good job of picking up the finer gradations of color. But I noticed it never really matched the color of the flowers in real life. I tried resetting the camera’s automatic white balance; I tried using the flash; I tried different settings. Ultimately the camera always darkened the most delicate shades.

They still look pretty good, though. It’s exciting to know these particular plants have been flowering for different family members for decades, and so far I haven’t done anything horrible to end their careers.

The other orchid I’ve got going doesn’t have any flower pods coming up yet. Rest assured there will be pictures if it ever does.

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