Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tour Up Over

Update: New pictures added from cell phone feed, with comments as posted live during the ride.

800 ft climb so far. Clear. Warm. Light breeze.

Palos Verdes Peninsula offers some fun climbs.

Roadside flowers depend on season and time of day.

Santa Barbara Island, about 45 miles off the coast. When you see it, you know it’s an unusually clear day. I have seen it before from this ride, but usually I don’t.

The western tip of Catalina Island. From this angle, you can see over the tip and into the ocean beyond. On a less clear day the horizon might not be visible so far behind the island.

Catalina Isthmus. Again, those who know the geography will notice the far horizon over the thin strip that links the island’s ends. Not a tall isthmus at all.

The whole Catalina. Great day for sightseeing.

Other parts of the country enjoy different weather.

Legs happy lungs workn.

Looking west along the south fringe of Palos Verdes.

After some huffing and puffing (and before some more), this is looking east along the same stretch of coast we saw before—looking back at where I’ve been. In the near distance is Orange County.

More distant, the land you see sticking furthest out into the water is probably La Jolla’s Mount Soledad, about 100 miles away (nearly to San Diego). Normally the furthest you see is about 50 miles south: Dana Point.

This bit involves work.

45 is no limit. Pleased to be over that hill.

This was kinda fun to see. Forgive the rushed splice job. If you click on it, you can see the panorama of the L.A. basin in fair detail. In the far distance (right of center) are white-topped Mount San Gorgonio and Mount San Jacinto, most of the way from here to Palm Springs: again, about 100 miles of clear visibility.

Nice day for a bike ride.


Kangamoo said...

When I turned on the TV this morning to get my daily fix of news, I was actually watching the news, not just ongoing weather reports, and flooding reports. We are supposed to have nice weather for about a week now. Guess I will have to watch the news.

CaliforniaGirl said...

We could not see that far today in the fog. I'm glad someone had clear weather. Thanks for the reminder of what things look like when it is warm out.

Papa Bradstein said...

Good shots. Even on a clear day, it's easy to miss this isthmus.