Friday, March 27, 2009

Gorman Wildflowers

In the Grapevine Pass, which carries the main driving route connecting California’s Central Valley to the Los Angeles basin, the hills south of Gorman burst in spring with bright-colored wildflowers. Every year brings a different mix, and any given year will shift from weekend to weekend.

For other people’s pictures of wildflowers this year and in past years, click here or here or here or here. Not so many California golden poppies showed up on this drive; they would add orange to the mix. The purple is lupine. Various white and blue flowers can also join the palette.

I have also seen the whole stretch covered in white.

Hills like green elephants


Kangamoo said...

I notice that no one was texting you when the pass is clear, or did you have your camera out for those. They are beautiful. All your pictures are.

mrjumbo said...

Thank you for the compliment. The hills certainly did their part in making the pictures beautiful.

Not all my pictures are beautiful. Most of them aren't much good, but I just post the ones that might be worth a second look.

And just to be sure, before I post them I open them up in Photoshop and apply the "Make It Beautiful" effect.

That makes it much easier.