Sunday, August 30, 2009

Water, Air, Earth (no Fire)

Meanwhile, when it wasn’t burning somewhere, today was a nice day for a bike ride. I’m still focusing on hills; I climbed 3,770 feet today in 55 miles. Up, down, over, up again, down again, back over, and like that. One advantage of this plan is that you get to enjoy many great vistas.

When I started out, the air was baking hot, but by the time I got back, some less hot air had started moving in from offshore. Not cool air, maybe, but less hot. I refilled my bottles a few times along the way.

Shot these last weekend from below. This time I took a matching picture from above.

Catalina Island lies 26 miles offshore, shrouded in mist.

A cruise ship slowly steams away from San Pedro; a container ship unloads.

The Catalina ferry returns past Angels Gate.

The Gerald Desmond Bridge leads to Long Beach’s downtown, near my home.


Kangamoo said...

Likes this.

Nice that you could get out and ride and the smoke didn't get to you. Things look really clear.

mrjumbo said...

I erased all the smoke, so things would look more clear.

I hit my vista point on Palos Verdes at just the right moment to take pictures back toward Long Beach. Usually I'm up there earlier in the day, when the sun is high overhead, but yesterday I was there later in the afternoon, near the end of my ride, when the sun was shining at the right angle to light up the Vincent Thomas bridge and the ports and buildings with the golden light of late afternoon, probably a little enhanced by the smoke in the air from the fires to the north.

I took a whole raft of pictures but only posted a few. I'm glad you like them!