Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Travelin' Thru

Handy portable camera.

Handed down for years, much used and cared for, it has no fewer than three owners’ names affixed to it.

In the words of James McMurtry, “I’m not from here.”


techie said...

What size file does it take? 620?

mrjumbo said...

620 is correct. To use the camera today, you'd have to respool some 120 film on 620 spindles, or make some other adaptations in the camera.

CaliforniaGirl said...

It was never mine. That was made very clear to me when I was allowed to use it for a photography class. My name was on it in case I misplaced it.

Even then, I did not want it, I needed a camera that used 35mm film, and did poorly in the class as a result.