Saturday, April 29, 2006

Come On Up to the House

Out here in the country, everybody marks their place a different way. Some have a funky mailbox; for a birthday party you might see balloons tied to a split-rail fence. Some people tell their friends, "If you're on your way up from the city, turn right when you see an old a retroesque sedan and a pickup, a few miles past the post office turn." We all respond to different signs.


Papa Bradstein said...

How can you call those fine vintage, retroesque vehicles "old," my friend?

mrjumbo said...

Okay, okay. See edited entry.

Papa Bradstein said...

Amazing that the parking brakes on these fine machines haven't given out.

"look at that, what you have there is no bigger'na grapefruit"
-C.W. McCall (but you knew that)