Thursday, April 27, 2006

When Mohammad Comes To

There are ranges, and there are mountains. Shasta is a mountain, and for hundreds of square miles of Northern California it takes ownership of a traveler's gaze and won't give it up.

Yesterday Shasta was free of the clouds that normally cluster around its peak. The clouds don't take away from Shasta's character; they just add a shaggy magnificence.

The sunset makes the mountain seem even more radiant. As twilight deepens, Shasta still seems to glow as it cools off.

Andrew was not sure how to add a link in a comment, so he asked me to point out a related poem he posted about Mount Saint Helens.


Andrew Shields said...

For the record: The Mt. St. Helens poem is not by me but by Richard Wakefield! Andrew

mrjumbo said...

Sorry about that. I fixed the main text to describe it more accurately.