Saturday, June 03, 2006

Particulate Matters

Each sunset, like each snowflake, is an entirely unique cliché.

It's remarkably difficult to get a picture of light. Light is usually busy on its way somewhere else and doesn't have time to stop and get into a camera. Generally you have to get something else to interact with the light--to reflect it, to refract it, to scatter it. It's a hit-and-miss operation.

Some would argue that it's actually quite easy to get pictures of light; it's objects that never come into the camera. All you see is the light after it's interacted with the objects, never the objects themselves. Objects are invisible. Light makes an impression on film, or a CCD in a digital camera.

I'd say they're about the same argument.

One way or another, I'm glad all the elements were there to participate for this sunset.

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Papa Bradstein said...



But what beautiful cliches they are.

Nice shots.