Sunday, October 22, 2006

Invisible Shadows

Well Plato's cave is full of freaks
Demanding refunds for the things they've seen
I wish they could believe
In all the things that never made the screen
—Jack Johnson, "Inaudible Melodies"

No time for a real note today, because I'm busy on other projects. But I did ride 31 miles yesterday, down around Gilroy, and didn't want to let it pass without notice.

Beautiful weather for mid-October. Someone said it was 75 degrees Fahrenheit after the morning cool burned off. I believe them. The hills smelled of dark oak and dry grass, with a slight tang of eucalyptus.

Terrific ride. Organizers said we had 1,500 feet of climbing, but it never felt like it. Several slow, easy grades—none felt like more than 200 or 250 feet. They must have added up. Plenty of cows along the way, and windmills pumping water, and tractors and grape vines. A few fields filled with pumpkins by the roadside. Very enjoyable ride.

The Jack Johnson quote doesn't have anything to do with any of that. But I heard it on the radio again this morning and didn't want it to go unnoticed either.


Andrew Shields said...

Pop songs can be full of so many fascinating references--Plato's cave, indeed! Those dead white men still bring 'em in. :-)


mrjumbo said...

I can't remember anymore which are Hutus and which are Tutsis. Does being born in Greece make you white when you're dead?

Andrew Shields said...

Here's something I wrote in March, 1992:


Today Turks are shooting at Kurds, and Kurds
at Turks. Serbs at Croats, Croats at Serbs.
Sunnis Shiites, Moslems Jews, various
former Soviet peoples others who fit
the same description, though plainly not quite
the same, or they would not shoot each other,
right? Turks and Kurds and Durks and Kurts and Kurks and Turds:

The stuff of poetry! The poetry
of stuff, ah, chiasmus!, figure of shooting,
shooting of figures, Croats shooting Serbs,
Serbs Croats, ah!, sweet parallelism,
Catholics Protestants, and vice versa,
sweet stock phrase of shooting, Kurds Turks, Turks Kurds,
it's time to think of words that rhyme with Kurds.

mrjumbo said...

At least the guy singing it was Hawaiian. And not dead.