Saturday, October 14, 2006

Oh, It's for Health Reasons

Q: How many calories will you really burn by riding a piddling 26.2 miles? Will it be anywhere near the "carbo load" you're ingesting tonight by downing all that ice cream and fresh-baked cookies after a big ravioli dinner with plenty of salad? Even if it's cold tomorrow morning, what with you setting out before dawn and all, will you burn half the calories you've just taken in?

A: Shut up.

I'm going to go crawl into a diabetic coma now, and get up at some ungodly hour to pull on my riding flip-flops and pedal on down the L.A. River trail about a mile to the start line of the Long Beach Marathon Bike Tour, which starts well before the marathon itself, so we riders will be off the road and having our pancake-and-lots-of-gloppy-syrup breakfasts (more carbs!) long before grimacing runners can spoil our view. For once, I'm not driving further than the total mileage of a ride to get to the starting line. Watch for photos tomorrow, if the sun inches up over the horizon before the ride's over.

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