Sunday, January 14, 2007


I really wanted to call this post “A Steller Experience,” but the critters in question sadly are California sea lions, not the Steller species.

I have a long and complicated relationship with a sailboat named Kim. Lately a few sea lions made the vessel home for several weeks, creating significant damage topside. It appears the best solution may be to donate the boat to science for research. Before doing that, I wanted to remove a significant amount of gear and tools I had added to the boat back when I was using it more regularly.

I learned about the sea lions in early November, when they had already been there for a while. They added a fresh aroma to the boating experience. Since then, the boat owner (who knew about them already) has added a protective sheathing, which seems to be keeping the lions away.

Some of the stuff I rescued before the boat goes away. The filth in the cockpit is probably not much from the sea lions; most of it came from various birds who have made a home of the boat in the past.

When birds come aboard, they leave all kinds of memories. Generally birds have not been inside the cabin, where I took this picture. Not sure how one managed to get in and leave this behind. Normally they also leave lots of twigs and nesting material, as well as, um, other deposits.

Some of the damage caused by sea lions. Note the two screws sticking up from the deck. Those plus the three wood fragments used to be part of a single rail assembly. I’m not claiming the woodwork was in perfect shape before the sea lions came around, but they distinctly degraded it, as well as caving in and bending over various metal fittings.

Parting shot.

Sunset, from back ashore.

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