Monday, January 01, 2007

The Sun Stands Still Again

Later on maybe I'll splice together a panorama with a half-dozen sunsets in it, but for now I'll keep using these little red arrows.

On December 23rd, when I took the latest shots, although there were some clouds and coastal haze, San Clemente Island was still distinctly visible on the horizon, to the left of Catalina. Catalina is 26 miles out; San Clemente is 52 miles offshore.

The conventional wisdom is that when you can see San Clemente, it'll rain within three days.

A storm blew in from points north on the night of the 26th that brought rain and wind in gusts up to 90 m.p.h., if you can believe the newspapers. I do know when I got home the night of the 27th, all the leaves had been stripped from one of my rose bushes (on the second floor balcony). Now it looks like a Dr. Seuss plant. Winter is the season to prune the roses back anyhow, but I usually wait till later in January.

With the winter solstice comes a return to longer days, and not a minute too soon. You can barely tell the difference yet, but with the holidays this weekend I've had a chance to get out and put in some road miles on the bike twice already. Temperatures have stayed in the tolerable zone.


Andrew Shields said...

I want to see a photo of that Dr. Seuss rose bush.

mrjumbo said...

You can see what it looks like, but the details really come out when you close your eyes.

I saw a couple of cantankerous pelicans yesterday on a curving piece of rusty pipe, squawking at each other before the sun went down. I thought of stopping to take a picture of that too, and then I thought no, that's one I'll keep in my brainpan for a while, instead of stuffing it in a camera and forgetting about it.