Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Road Is Long

It’s late, and I have to get up early, with a lot to do and miles to go before I sleep. So no long comments tonight. But enjoy the pictures!

Coming down off the Grapevine hill (look it up under “Commander Cody”) into California’s Central Valley. It was a beautiful day to be out driving. A little warm, and I got a trucker suntan with the driver’s side window down.

I have a sad feeling about what’s going to happen to these cows. You can’t read a cow’s palm, but if you could, I think their lifelines would be showing up short.

Check out the concertina wire on the fence around the cows, to make sure none of them try to scale the fence and get out.

At least one person out there knows what this picture is and why I took it (again). Do you?

Grist for a modern-day Don Quixote (look it up under “Borges”).

No concertina wire here, just a good-looking fence. Remember back when I used to make an effort, and edit these shots properly before posting them, for maximum photographic effect? Think of this one as a do-it-yourself project.

Some institutions of higher learning get ivory towers. Stanford’s is made of brick.

Another shot I really should dip a couple times in some Photoshop lacquer to make the whites really white and the letters on the sign pop. Whatever with that.

Stanford has established a reserve for academics, much as in southern Africa you’ll find reserves for springbok and kudu herds. I think this is part of a genetic engineering project, where they’re trying to get engineering majors who are more photogenetic, but I don’t see the local paper often enough to keep up with all these things.

Never mind. I did it myself.

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Papa Bradstein said...

I'm so far behind on so many things, including my reading, but I did have to stop as I was clicking around and thank you for the picture of the bench. It's nice to see a recent view from time to time.