Saturday, June 16, 2007

True Love

In the spring, a young man’s fancy
Lightly turns to thoughts of love

There’s nothing but truth in Tennyson’s lines from “Locksley Hall.”

It’s a while since I read that poem. I can’t remember whether he goes on to describe how, not long after, a young man’s fancy turns to somewhat more lumbering thoughts of heavy construction equipment—big Tonka toys.

But it does seem to be a universal passion of the season.

Over here in Southern California, they’ve been tearing out the road in front of the office for the past week.

We had asked them to put in planters, and gates at the ends of the block, and to turn the pavement into a permanent parking lot for our office. I don’t think that’s the city’s plan, although it would sure make it easier for our forklifts to get across the street when they need to.

But we should at least end up with smoother lanes to drive in.

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CaliforniaGirl said...

It is good to see we are not alone, but the weather down your way allows them to do that year round. They have finished grinding and paving Main Street here but for the painting in less than a month. It is amazing what they can do when properly motivated.