Monday, August 27, 2007

All There So Far

There’s allegedly going to be a lunar eclipse tonight at dark hundred hours.

I have a vivid imagination. I’m imagining I’m going to sleep through it.

But I thought I’d better grab some pictures in advance, to show what the moon looked like before it went away.

I actually missed the moonrise tonight, so I grabbed some old pictures I had and Photoshopped in a big white circle.

After it comes up over the brim of the hill, big and heavy, it starts losing mass, until it gets up to the top of the sky—you can see it’s a lot smaller when it’s up high.

This was last night’s moonrise, from Long Beach.

And this was last night’s sunset. The big schmear across the bottom of the sky is more than likely the same smoke cloud I posted pictures of a few days ago. (Different smoke, same cloud. Funny how that works.)


Papa Bradstein said...

I got up this morning and didn't see the moon. I guess the eclipse worked.

California Girl said...

I actually was awake around 3:30, but the moon is hard to find when you are in a new place and uncertain where it rises and sets in the sky and someone turned the light out. I found it, and it was red, not white. I need a put-outer to fix the streetlights when I am looking for the moon. Turns out, it was caught in a tree.