Friday, August 24, 2007

The Smoke Also Rises

Two full weeks after I first posted pictures of it, the Zaca fire in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties is still going strong. It started July 4 and is expected to keep going past Labor Day. So far, it has burned 348 square miles.

The fire is burning in the coastal hills. These pictures (and the ones I took before) are taken from the Central Valley, probably 75 miles from the fire. Even in Long Beach, 75 miles in the other direction, we’ve been seeing a distinct smoke layer from the fire, along with hazy days and red sunsets.

The fire is burning in hills where I might normally ride at this time of year, if I’d had a chance to be ready for the Cool Breeze Century.

Looking away from the fire is like looking at a negative of the view toward the fire. The ground is bright, the sky is dark, the power lines are white.

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