Saturday, March 22, 2008


Thinking of coming to California but you can’t decide whether it’s worth the gas? Let me save you the trip. Here’s what California looks like.

Note the green hills in the distance. It’s been a good rainy season. Lots of snow in the mountains too.

Moffett Field, closer up.

Hoover Tower, Dumbarton Bridge, Mount Diablo

Pacific Ocean

Future lumber

Flowers (see below)

There! Now you know what California looks like, so you don’t have to come all that way to see it in person. Feel free to go about what you were doing before. You’re welcome.

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Kangamoo said...

Thank you for doing that for me. I had been debating coming down over spring break to get some CDs. I have a training on Wednesday (right in the middle) a sister visiting on the first weekend and a track meet with J on the last Saturday. Leaving very little travel time.

Now I don't need to come.