Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Oak Problem

These pictures are a week old, but I haven’t had the time to post them since I took them.

It would be nice to always have the option of driving during the best part of the day, but my schedule is often determined by others. When you need to be in someone’s office by 9 a.m. to discuss insurance, it sounds a little odd to say you decided not to get on the road till first light, even if that means you won’t be there till 1 p.m.

And when you tell someone you’ll meet their flight arriving at a certain hour, it’s generally considered poor form to make them wait several hours in the white zone because you were waiting for that “golden hour” when pictures come out better in the sunset.

Now and then, though, I do get to travel when the scenery’s nice. It’s a special stroke of luck when I’m also able to dodge rush hour traffic.

It’s easier to appreciate these pictures if you can imagine the smell of a truck hauling fresh onions about a quarter-mile up the road.

At this point I don’t think it’s a secret from anyone that I’ve got a soft spot for oaks. I started into taking oak pictures about a year ago for a particular reason, but now I don’t have any excuse, other than that I like the way they look.


CaliforniaGirl said...

You shoot and travel like your mother, except she stopped the car to take pictures. She did love the oaks, and took pictures of lots of them. Getting there was more important than daylight for her too.

Kangamoo said...

I love those pictures and I will try to arrange flights around the perfect light of the day.... since I appreciate yo coming to pick me up. I am willing to wait, if it means you get the good shot.

Wilde Republic said...

Amazing photography. beautiful.