Friday, May 16, 2008

Makes You Stronger

Some people love sleeping in tents. They go to great lengths, and to great distances to wake up under canvas, or rubber, or oilcloth, or whatever they make tents out of these days.

Me, not so much. I’ve got nothing against tents, understand. I just like my coffee machine too.

But I did have the opportunity recently to sleep in a tent.

Officially, of course, it was discouraged. But they’re mostly telling you not to sleep inside because they’re afraid that inhaling the gas so deeply might give you superpowers.

Like a big Christo project, they started wrapping my domicile in the early morning hours, and they were finished turning it into a cultural attraction before noon.

They did warn us that the gas would kill houseplants. I took some with me, left others behind. (The ones I left behind didn’t do well, but that could be from the gas or because the water was turned off.) So our complex courtyard temporarily became a lush botanical garden.

Finally it was safe to return.

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Kangamoo said...

That reminds me it would be fun to set up the tent for Doug to sleep in over the long weekend... now that we have some sunshine. I think I will leave the warning note off of the flap. Some Doug's like sleeping in tents.