Sunday, May 25, 2008

Who’s Reaching Out to Capture a Moment

This was what it looked like when I went out today.

And this was what it looked like by the time I got back.

When I find whoever it was that had the idea of dialing up a huge headwind after I had pedaled myself 37.5 miles downrange—to come rushing at me, arms flung wide, to welcome me home—I’m going to open a can of whupass and use it to top up the 55-gallon drum I’ve got ready to pour into a bathtub of medieval, which is where I intend to hold that party under until the bubbles stop coming up.

Other than that, it was a great ride. Oh—that, and the rear brake pad rubbing on the new rim for about 2/3 of each rotation. Little things. But the brake pad can be realigned.

Just once, would it kill the weather to cooperate with one of my routes?

(Incidentally, if anyone has a shred of doubt left about whether I’m a major whiner over little baby troubles on bike rides, have a look at this description of a real ride. It’s exciting times this month over in the boot-shaped peninsula called Italy, which is standing in for the Tour de France this year, since the Tour has decided to invite only second-tier riders for the July rides around that country. Today’s stage, after a difficult set of climbs yesterday and before a rough mountain stage tomorrow, was 95 miles long, in the rain, with about 15,500 feet of climbing. That’s how real cyclists roll.)


CaliforniaGirl said...

At least the route was not closed due to snow, or the road was not washed out due to snow melting. Think of it as extra resistance training. Like when I am walking the dog and she must stop to smell something lovely by the side of the road and I keep on going.

Papa Bradstein said...

Nice win for Contador, but seriously, maglia rosa? How macho does that make you feel, pulling that on? Then there's the tough guys cheering you on, in their tiny designer glasses and skintight pink jerseys...


I hate ASO.