Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Caterpillars of the Community

The caterpillars are trying to kill us.

In this whole global warming fight, the whole idea is to get lots of chlorophyll reactions going all over the world. I stole a passion flower pod from my neighbor’s garden and planted it in a pot where another passion flower had died on me. It shot forth a sprig and spiraled up toward life and abundance.

And then came the caterpillars, devouring machines with no sense of ecosystem balance. (Each of these pictures is of a separate ’pillar.)

Not every caterpillar knew where the juicy stems were.

We’ve kinda had a big back-and-forth lately between bugs and other tenants where I live, with the bugs catching probably the worst of it in a big-tent sleepover. I elected to leave these caterpillars be.

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