Sunday, February 22, 2009

Race: Chalking It Up

There’s chalk in the boxes. Yellow chalk.

Not a lot of “Where’s Sheryl?”

Lance had Tweeted about this play on words just a couple of days before. It was all over the road here.

Note the snow. And that no part of this road is flat. This is near the end of about twelve miles of steady climbing, parts of it hellasteep. The last five miles see a 2,000-foot rise, which means the average is about 7.5%. Parts are steeper.

Your name in yellow chalk on the road = good.

Your name in yellow in the snow = ???

I guess the message either way is “Go!”


Kangamoo said...

Perhaps they went.

Andrew Shields said...

The white car in the picture above the "note the snow" caption belongs to a Stanford buddy of mine, Kent Williams (brother of one of my best friends, Eric Williams, who was the bass player in my band back then).

Check out Kent's photos here: