Friday, June 05, 2009

Across Washington

A lot of travelers never see more of Washington State than Seattle and the Puget Sound area. Eastern Washington has lots of farmland that feels more like the Great Plains than the Olympic Peninsula.

Spokane, WA

The cousins are always excited to see each other.

Spokane has a clean, rain-washed feel, and a lovely riverfront park, with a carousel, public art, a fountain for kids to play in, and toys too large to keep in the garage at home.

Plenty of cities have rivers, but Spokane lucked out with a very handsome set of falls that run right through the middle of downtown.

I had been in Spokane once before, many years ago. Some new stuff has been added. A few old features are still around.

The central event of the trip was a high-school graduation.

Got the diploma! Now, as Diana noted, she’s a freshman again.

The boys appreciate art.


Kangamoo said...

I guess I am the slow poke and need to download my pictures so I can upload them to my blog.

CaliforniaGirl said...

It is a picturesque drive south. I am glad you were doing it this time and not me.