Sunday, June 07, 2009

Shasta from Klamath Falls

Whenever I get around Mount Shasta, my shutter finger gets itchy. I always come away with more fresh shots than I know what to do with. The mountain so dominates the landscape for hundreds of miles around that every turn in the road seems to bring a new angle worth capturing.

On this trip I was headed south from Klamath Falls, Oregon, not my usual route. So all these angles were new to me, and on top of that, the weather was perfect for clear pictures of the whole volcano, an unusual treat for a mountain that normally wears clouds around its crown.

At one of my stops to take pictures, I picked up a hitchhiker.

It’s always a treat to get back to the City by the Bay.

The rest of my trip was less well lit.

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Kangamoo said...

Looks like your hitchiker helped make things fly by. Nice shots of the mountain. We (my older daughter) took way too many of the same mountain when we first had a digital camera. I understand the problem.