Sunday, October 07, 2007

Blow It Up

Auden had it right: The stinging gnats are in the details. Most of us just see the sun and the trees.


Papa Bradstein said...

Nice shootin', Tex. That's a familiar looking scene. We've been realizing here that we need to pay attention to the local air shows, since your newest nephew is all about anything that flies. Grammy said that today he got to see five helicopters circle twice around the park when they were out walking (I believe the choppers were dropping off or picking up Shrub), which was a cause for much delight.

mrjumbo said...

> your newest nephew is all about anything that flies

That'll be his grandfather in him. I get just as excited as he does. This shot was squeezed off almost by sheer chance. They were flying around us yesterday, but you never knew when they were going to be overhead until the sound told you they were already gone.

Imagine: The city of San Francisco came that close to telling these guys they couldn't fly over the city proper--just out over the water.

Thank goodness someone overrode the fun Nazis.