Sunday, October 14, 2007


A test of any camera is how well it freezes motion. Here’s a helicopter in broad daylight. The shutter clicked at 1/400 second.

Same helicopter, taken at 1/500 second. (I can’t swear that it was at exactly the same distance. It was moving.) But this picture was taken with digital zoom. I have reduced it to approximately the size it would have been (1/3) without the digital zoom.

Here is the first picture, “zoomed” up to 300% of its original size in Photoshop. (Nothing else fancy: I just changed the size.)

Here is the second picture, at full size instead of reduced. This lets me (or you) compare the in-camera digital zoom to the results I’d get if I switched off that feature and just relied on manually “zooming” the pictures later on with Photoshop.

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CaliforniaGirl said...

It is probably a good thing your mother did not have a digital camera when we were kids. If she had one, we never would have been able to take such memorable pictures as we did.