Sunday, October 28, 2007

Clearly Now

Plenty of fires are still raging south of here, but one by one by one the firefighters are corralling them.

Yesterday was the first day in more than a week when I could catch a glimpse of the hills of Orange County. To do even that I had to actually get to Orange County; this faintly visible ridge in the distance wasn’t visible from Long Beach (as it would be on a clear day).

We’ve had a few days now of moist, cool air blowing in from over the ocean instead of hot, dry winds from the Great Basin. That makes the firefighters’ job easier. The overcast these days is white instead of yellow, and the sky when it breaks through the clouds is a bluer blue again.

The one person I know who was evacuated from her home in San Diego is back again, with her cats.

With a little luck, the cooler weather will hold and this episode will be put behind us.

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