Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ancient Relics

A close-up shot of the World Wide Web. This is the fabric that holds our modern culture together. As you can see, each thread is made up of many smaller threads.


The three wise men.

What some people get for Christmas instead of snow.


Kangamoo said...

I give up, what are they, other than really nice pictures?

mrjumbo said...

They're palm trees. Or were you asking about the sailboat?

Kangamoo said...

And what about the first 3.

Don't they always have sailboats? We were one once, weren't we?

mrjumbo said...

Yes, we were one. (It took me about a week to realize what you meant by that, which shows you how dense I can be.)

For some reason, it looks as if I never posted a blog entry from when we were one. I know I took pictures. I think I even steered once.

I guess I was too busy to make any entries in the captain's blog.