Monday, January 07, 2008

Cold Perfect Morning

Forgot to mention how the other morning when I was out, I ran across one of these people who really inspire me when I’m huffing and chuffing up the beach road.

Without putting too fine a calculation on it, I’m gonna guess she was 250 lbs. and 5'4", in running shorts and a T-shirt, obviously not jogging fast but giving it her all, smiling slightly as she chugged up the path. As I rode by, I could hear what sounded like heavy metal coming from her headphones—what she was using to keep herself going.

I’m no Slim Jim, but I know I have an easier time of it, getting up and exercising. I see plenty of folks narrower than me on the sand, and I say kudos to them all, for putting themselves out where they can enjoy the air fresh chilled by a morning rain. But the ones who really make my heart surge are the ones who come out against steeper odds—the ones who have more to lose and so much more to gain.

I can’t tell you she’ll ever go for a jog again. I can’t tell you whether it was a New Year’s resolution that she’ll abandon after a few days’ more sweat. But I can tell you that on that morning she was smiling and feeling the joy of it all.

That’s an inspiration as good as cranking the “Chariots of Fire” theme before I swig that last gulp of Ostfriesen Teefix and hit the ground rolling.

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Kangamoo said...

Thank you for not making me think too hard. I spent about an hour on your brother's blog reading all that I had missed in the last few days. Of coures he is still trying to raise a kid and all, I feel I am done with mine. If they don't know it by now, they don't need to. It is hard for an old mind to remember back more than about 15 minutes.