Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Little Fall of Rain

We had some storms scheduled here this weekend, but they spent most of their fury in the San Francisco Bay Area, so mostly in Long Beach we saw rain and some moderate wind.

The rains came by night, so both Saturday and Sunday mornings were dry enough to ride, depending what you consider dry. Some benevolent government agency had padlocked all the reasonable entrances to the paved path that runs along the Los Angeles River—no doubt to keep curious kids from being swept downstream—so I took a slightly different route to get to my usual course.

The beach had the usual collection of post-storm debris (or, as the British call them, bowlers).

Here and there the beach trail disappeared under a minor layer of sand. The city usually keeps this trail meticulously swept clean. I’m sure by Tuesday morning it’ll be as right as rain.

As of Saturday morning, the Los Angeles River hadn’t filled up enough for me to even slow down to snap a picture.


Kangamoo said...

I am wondering if they use a device like a snow blower to sweep the walkway and put it all back on the beach. I would rather do that in the warmth than in the snow.

mrjumbo said...

Actually, it's a big rolling brush. I've seen them using it before--they haul it around behind a pickup truck.

It looks to me as if it would work much more efficiently on dry sand.

If you wait long enough, the wind and the people who travel up and down the beach path will clear about a third of the sand through natural erosion.