Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mad Dogs, Englishmen, and Cyclists

Maybe these pictures will ease some of the jealousy.

When I closed my front door behind me this morning and hit the bike trail, the sky was blue, with some clouds. Good stiff breeze blowing in the wrong direction, but you get to where you just grumble at the usual and go on.

It was a good stiff breeze, though. I mean a sturdy, steady wind. Flags blowing sideways, trees bending over, gusts knocking gulls into unexpected cartwheels, all that. I had been planning on a shorter ride than I did yesterday, maybe 20 miles, but I got to where I was having so much fun cranking into the teeth of it that I decided what the heck, I was good for 30. What’s the point riding if you’re going to quit when the real fun begins?

These pictures are from the point in the ride where the rain began.

Sand blowing across a parking lot. The blowing sand eased back a lot once the rain set in hard.

The rain is drumming steadily on the roof and windows. The biking togs are in the washing machine, and the bike frame is quietly dripping into a puddle on the floor downstairs. After a hot shower, I think I’m about ready for some soup and grilled cheese and hot chocolate.

Beats sitting on the couch watching TV all afternoon.


CaliforniaGirl said...

That's really hard, putting up with blowing rain and sand. You could come up here and experience blowing snow and blowing freezing rain, if you need some real weather. I miss the beach, and the bike, which is waiting for spring in the shed.

The skis are dripping puddles upstairs in the kids rooms though, and the car is making puddles in the garage as it melts out.

Kangamoo said...

Welcome to Washington!!