Friday, January 01, 2010

Before Twitter (III)

By 1925, my grandfather, working in Laramie, was courting the young lady who became my grandmother. In April 1925, while she was off on a trip through the Southwest and he stayed home working, he wrote her this note:

Laramie postmark (Thu) Apr 30 1925, ? PM
on letterhead & envelope from Certain-Teed Products Corporation, Laramie, Wyo.
Addressed to Miss Helen E. Holliday, % DeVargas Hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico, with a Please Forward note; forwarded to Albuquerque, 119 N. Walter St., with new (Santa Fe) postmark May 2, 1925

(Google shows 119 Walter St. NE today as vacant lot at corner of Historic Route 66 [Central Ave], near downtown)

Thursday afternoon

To My own little Helen,

Your card from Las Vegas is here telling me that you have just passed thru. Of course that is Wednesday afternoon and this is one day later so I know that now you are at Santa Fe all safe and sound. When I look along the map each day I know just where you might be. Such towns as [?], Las Vegas, [?] etc mean so much when I know that you have been thru them. Suppose that you will be so sunburned that we all back here will be just ‘plain’ pale faces. Helen, dear it will be so fine when you get back.

Rather amusing affair happened yesterday afternoon. Sometime ago I wrote a letter to a man (business) and then answer is here. He gives me all I asked for because there was no way out I guess, but he ends up by saying that “he considers my letter an insult but will be able to bear it.” The affair doesn’t amount to a row of pins, but as my letter to him was extremely courteous, his answer is most amusing. Can quite stop laughing about it, for really I don’t care whether he can bear it or not.

Meant to go to the show last night but instead [?] returned early and am glad I did for this morning found myself feeling pretty fit.

Today is beautiful with neither wind, snow or rain, and also it is very warm. Just a wonderful day as far as weather is concerned.

Had a letter from Mother last night, which is always so welcome. Someday dear Helen you will know my Mother and I know you will like her as Mother will like you—which will be just lots. Just think of introducing Mother to my wife, but someday soon dearest, you will be my own dear wife and of course Mother should know you.

I hope dear Helen that you are taking lots of pictures so that we can see the places together when you get back, for that will be so much fun. It will be better than seeing them [also?] to have you dear sit on my lap and tell me all about the different places and what you did at each place and then Helen my sweetheart it will be so wonderful when you are back that, that day when it will be has been set for a day of real celebration.

Helen dear you know I love you, but I love you so much I just must keep telling you, for my own little Helen I do love you so dearly.

Your own Douglas

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Kangamoo said...

Before twitter, couldn't she just send the pictures directly to FB so he could see them?

To think of her sitting on his lap and telling stories, scandalous.