Sunday, January 17, 2010

Is There a Support Group for This?

Hi. My name is MrJumbo, and I have a cycling problem.

I run down the checklist of questions designed to help me decide whether I’m a social cyclist or a problem cyclist, and my heart sinks. Have I ever wanted to go on a bike ride again the next morning? Yes. Do I frequently cycle alone? Yes. Have I ever been to a hospital as a result of my cycling? Yes.

Does cycling affect my family relations?

Have I ever spent more on cycling than I did on groceries in a month?

On rent/mortgage?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

But how can you turn down a companion with such a perfect fleck in its red paint? Not a flashy, showy, bragging flake, but no demure wallflower either.

I may be the one here with the cyling problem, but I’ll tell you this too: Those hills had better watch out this summer. Because MrJumbo’s not gonna be kidding around.


erin_verna said...

Call me an Enabler if you like, but I think some addictions are good for us --- especially when you post such lovely photos with wittily pithy commentary.

CaliforniaGirl said...

That one seems to have my name on it. I hope it is at least as nice as mine.

mrjumbo said...

Not just your name, but your initial and the nationality you ride under. I may have picked up the wrong one. Let me check back with the bike store and see whether they were saving this for someone else in the family. Are you a size 61?

CaliforniaGirl said...

I think I am more of a 47, and I would prefer it in blue, but that red sure is fast.

Papa Bradstein said...

Zowie! Nice.