Friday, January 01, 2010

Before Twitter (V)

By mid-1933, my grandmother and grandfather had settled into a life of domestic bliss in Los Angeles. At some point he left Certainteed and after a few false starts fired up the company I work for today. Domestic bliss? I’m sure I’m oversimplifying. Times were hard; the Depression was on. But I was there for their 50th anniversary, so clearly something went right.

It’s interesting to see this telegram from my grandfather to my grandmother around that time. It’s sent from Yermo at 5:35 a.m., and he says his bus will be in at 11:45 that morning. That tells me he’s traveling on a bus, but it tells me a little more about what travel must have been like. On today’s road, that’s about a two-hour drive. Grandfather expected it to take six.

I have more notes, letters, telegrams and cards, not to mention pictures. Every one tells a story. This is just one box. Today I peeked at about a half-dozen items that were near the top of the box.

We have lots of boxes.

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