Monday, July 09, 2007

Much Too Much

Clearing out a house, like eating a sausage, is best done a hunk at a time. Here, then, are a few hunks:

Buried in there somewhere are two cousins having fun playing on one computer.

Every box gets a label with a list of what’s inside, and every label gets initials until the box can be distributed or disposed.

Overflow: Recyclables, empties, Goodwill.

Three happy sisters going through boxes of clothes.

The real news in this shot is that they’re standing in the garage, which until 24 hours ago was stacked 6 feet deep in boxes. (Some of those boxes are what you see in other pictures.) Now there’s room to put a car in there.

This is more like what the garage used to look like—except even this side had been 50% cleared out by the time this picture was taken. (Check out the unicycle hanging upside down in front of the green cabinet.)

When you spend all day clearing out closets, you get to play dress-up.

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