Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Three More Swifties

Much more progress today. (Compare this to yesterday’s shot.) We have now hauled a fourth load to the recycle center. Also today the city garbage collection came and picked up our tiny small bin of garbage, plus a container and a half of mixed recyclables and a full container of yard trimmings.

I have many more pictures of our progress and discoveries, but I have to run over to the library tonight to drop off a collection of newspaper clippings from the past 40 years of local history, so I’ll save those to post later.

This is not from the bottom of the hill, no. It’s also not from the top of the hill, so there’s more to do tomorrow. The turnaround point (where this was taken) was at a private street called Buena Vista. You can see why. The blimp hangar in the distance on the right is Moffett Field, where Ames Research Center is located.

We’ve been getting up every morning to watch stages of the Tour de France as it winds its way from London through Belgium and into eastern France. In the U.S., this is being shown on a cable channel called Versus, which features outdoors programs and occasional sports.

The Tour is replacing a lot of programs they’d normally be running on buck hunting and boar chases and extreme entrails.

These guys came out to the road to thank me for giving Versus a reason to put something else on the air.

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