Monday, July 21, 2008


My sister wanted to be a more distant relative, so she moved to Spokane. The pixels have faded with the years, but the picture above is from the last time I remember being in Spokane, which was long before I knew who Sherman Alexie was. (My sister’s picture is from the same dammed river, but from some other dam spot.)

Back in the olden days, before fossil fuels were even a twinkle in a green alga’s eye, I had to fly there to stand on a bridge and take this picture. Nowadays with all this global warming and nobody’s got free time, you don’t have to kick up all that dust. You can just plug in a link to your browser and see what Spokane looks like without ever leaving the comfort of your kitchen.

Time flies like a pterodactyl; fruit flies like a banana.


CaliforniaGirl said... takes you closer to where you were standing.

Kangamoo said...

I am a little tired from running back and forth on that bridge. That is cool.

What a long story, but a good one.