Saturday, July 12, 2008

You Can’t Get There From Here

Las Vegas isn’t ordinarily on the road from Phoenix to Long Beach, but a customer needed assistance, so I took a detour.

I had to cross a lot of this to get there.

My escorts.

This shows the water level at Hoover Dam. The more we drink and shower and make ice and brush our teeth and water our yards and grow rice and tomatoes and alfalfa and cotton, the faster the water level goes down.

These days, a few miles before you cross the dam, all vehicles have to pull off the road and go through a security checkpoint. Trucks and buses are not allowed on the dam.

In the background of this panorama (click on the picture to see it larger), you can see a highway bridge being built downstream from the dam. When it’s finished, it will let traffic move through much faster (more lanes) and also relieve some security concerns.

This picture is about dam time.*

Finally, customer mollified, I was back in the Golden State.

*That caption may well be the only reason I bothered making this blog entry.


Kangamoo said...

You really said too much when you got to the dam pictures. I was just expecting a simple "Dam"

You know what a fish says when it runs into a large cement wall?

I enjoyed all the comments

CaliforniaGirl said...

Gee, I thought it was right on the way. When I asked Google how to get from here to my next vacation destination, it routed me right through Vegas.