Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Californian

It was a good trip, but it was good to be home and see a proper California sunset again. The skyline in the distance is Long Beach.

In South Carolina last weekend we were discussing the word "resplendent" and how often anyone gets a chance (or not) to use it in an everyday conversation. I'd say a sunset like this offers one such opportunity.

A few statistics:

Hours on the road: Who knows?
Miles on the road: 5,963 (10 traveling days)
iTunes played from Lafayette to Long Beach: 390, in random order (out of a total 1,601 available for the trip)
Longest day: Definitely the last, when I woke up in Texas and went to sleep in my own bed. Slightly over 1,000 miles.
Photos taken: 751
Good photos taken: You be the judge. I posted some of the better ones, and a lot of them are less than perfect.
Miles ridden down the L.A. River on a bicycle two days after I got back: 70.6. But that's a whole different story, for a later entry. Sure gets the road kinks out. Leaves you with a whole new set.
Weddings attended: 1 (but it was a good one)
Customers visited: 10
Guys glad to be back home after a long trip: 1 (but a good one)

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Papa Bradstein said...

Apropos of nothing, although I could snark something out about the state you just returned to, I thought that you would like this post from Dutch.