Monday, May 01, 2006


(You're it.)

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mrjumbo said...

My format doesn't really lean toward longwinded remarks. Still, I hate to leave a tag unanswered.

So with reference to the most recent round, six weird facts about MrJumbo:

1. People ask me if I ride the unicycle.

2. I can recite almost verbatim two poems, one by Charles Bukowski, the other by J.R.R. Tolkien, that both deal with the savagery of cats. (No, those aren't the only poems I can recite. Sorry.)

3. I can read words written in four alphabets, and occasionally understand them if I'm allowed to breathe with my mouth open.

4. I'm a nonpracticing vegetarian. Or you might call it an assimilated vegetarian. I have vegetarian roots in my family, and I have taken that communion at different times in my life. I still agree with it strongly, for moral, health, and macroeconomic reasons. So I wouldn't call myself lapsed. Just not currently practicing.

5. I have just about every recording Billy Joel has ever released commercially, and I can say the same for the Tom Waits ouvre. My Billy Joel list includes the rare vinyl "Cold Spring Harbor" mastered at the wrong speed. My Tom Waits catalog has "The Pontiac," long out of print, as well as some gems that are easier to get, like his Crystal Gayle duets from "One From the Heart" and his amazing "It's All Right With Me" from "Red Hot + Blue," where his voice doubles as a rhythm instrument. (Actually, I believe he has four vocal tracks on that cut.) I also have a copy of Tori Amos singing "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (thanks, Bro #3), but everybody probably has that already.

6. I have cashed a check written to me by Bose for software I wrote.