Friday, May 26, 2006

This Number Is out of Order

Because my brother put up a note about telephone rates today, I have to post this image.

It's the tariff schedule for California long-distance rates a few years back.

It used to hang in my father's office in San Francisco. No, he had not been around when this sheet was current. But he used to use it to illustrate various points about how business is conducted. For example, he would point out that since public utilities commissions got involved at various levels, the telephone company could no longer print on their tariff (which by then filled several volumes) "Rates Subject to Change Without Notice." I still have a video of a business presentation my father made where he mentioned this chart.

This now hangs in my mother's house in Northern California. I took a picture of it last Christmas when I was, appropriately enough, talking on the phone long-distance.

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