Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cemetry Gates

No vacation is complete without a visit to a cemetery, and we found a doozy. Nice stones, nice setting (just like a good wedding ring), but it turned out it also held hitherto unknown ancestors of one of the people we'd come here to marry off.

Note the Spanish moss motif in the headstone. One day when I'm really bored, I'll go in and fix the color balance so the bas-relief stands out the way it should.

This one also features local foliage: the palmetto.

This is the joint where the shenanigans of later that evening were to take place. It was a private party; I'm not going to post pictures here. But it was swell. We all went home happy (except the part about having to go home).

The Spanish moss grafts a real air of Gothic shag to the surroundings.

Needs some foundation work. But otherwise a perfectly respectable house.

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